[Oberon] filesystem with directories ?

Rene Krywult rene.krywult at aon.at
Mon May 1 22:28:10 CEST 2006

> BTW - what do IBM's 'dotted' file names suggest to you?
Well, you *can* use them to group your files. And you can do this in 
Oberon, too. So, either we say that the "dotted" filenames in OS390 are 
used to build a hierarchy/directories - then Oberon HAS a 
hierarchy/directories (because you can do the same here), or we say that 
this structure is not hierarchical/directory using - then there is no 
need for a hierarchy, just because of the number of files.

> All that asidee - hierarchical at-core, or for-display - or NOT what 
> is needed is a *better* fs.  Or several.
> FAT is a weak tool by any measure.
But doesn't Oberon/BB have its own FS? I thought it was NOT FAT.

> JMPO, but Plan9's concept & storage methodology done in Oberon instead 
> of 'C' would be 'of interest'.

I know next to nothing about it. Could you tell me more?


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