[Oberon] filesystem with directories ?

Aubrey McIntosh Aubrey.McIntosh at ridgewater.edu
Mon May 1 22:46:07 CEST 2006

I looked at Plan 9 briefly but never down to the low level details.

I was at Datapoint in the 70s and knew the guys that designed and implemented their FS.  I drank coffee and sat at the chalkboard during byte level discussions of what problems they tried to solve, such as recovering much of a disk after a crash.

I have read the OS/9 file sytem details, back when hobbiest systems provided details and it ran on a MC6809.  

Back to my earlier question, can anyone articulate some of the problems they wish to solve?


0) ability to look like your favorite non Oberon operating system
1) ability to edit files but have delta  based storage
2) ability to have (many) earlier versions of a file accessible
3) ability to find a file quickly, if only partial 'name' information is available (think, "resume" "Texas" "1999-2001")
4) ability to install on damaged media
5) ability to hot swap damaged media
6) ability to move storage transparantly across the network to partially reliable machines
7) ability to integrate "directory" and "database" (think of the distinction between files and Texts in Oberon)

-- Aubrey McIntosh, Ph.D.

>>> brantley at coraid.com 5/1/2006 2:51 PM >>>
> JMPO, but Plan9's concept & storage methodology done in Oberon 
> instead of 'C' would be 'of interest'.

I agree.  Are there any other readers of this list that have
followed Plan 9?

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