[Oberon] filesystem with directories ?

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Tue May 2 16:41:38 CEST 2006

--- Rene Krywult <rene.krywult at aon.at> wrote:

> We had this approach with Siemens-Nixdorf's
> ComfoDesk under Win3.11, if 
> I understand you correctly.
> It was a bad idea. Everybody hated it.
> Rene
> > A possibly better approach would be to tag files
> with Group-attributes
> > or Labels that could act similar to traditional
> folders but would at
> > the same time remove the need for Hard/Symbolic
> links. (Only the real
> > everyday use could prove/disprove such a Label
> based file system)

I'm no familair with ComfoDesk, but I have used
tagged based filing systems and they are a 
GREAT idea and much better than hiearchical
systems.  The Yahoo shared link system "MyWeb"
works this way.  (http://myweb.yahoo.com)

Originally it was hiearchical.
When they switched I complained at first, but
once I got used to it I see why tags are better.
For one thing tags are "self organized".  
Thomas Frey mentioned the dilema of where 
you should put something in a hiearchy.  Well 
that goes away with tags.  Also MyWeb uses 
different size fonts to show tags that are 
used more than others.  So I can quickly
see what types of pages I've been tracking
the most.  I aways feel that my hiearchical
bookmarks are "unorganized".  But I never
feel that way about the tagged system.  For
example, I sometimes might start a folder
in my bookmarks for a subject (September 11
for instance) and start putting stuff there,
only later to realize I have so much stuff
in that one folder I need to add subfolders
(conspiracy theories, controlled demolition,
prior knowledge ect.)  With a "tagged" system
I often think of extra tags to add on the
front end. 


John M. Drake

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