[Oberon] Re. ANN, Unix Oberon ports, release 2.4.3

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed May 10 20:12:17 CEST 2006

Re G. Feldmann's Linux N-O port
I've reverted to the original 'Subject:' 

--- easlab <easlab at absamail.co.za> wrote:

> > 
> > Because my ISP now requires a further level of
> > email-sender-authentication,
> > I can't post by my N-O system. So I can't follow the
> > existing thread.

John Drake wrote:
> Ok.  I'm almost scared to ask.  But what have 
> they done now?
Who knows, except that for 3 phone calls they just ignored
my telling that 'suddenly my 2 indepedant boxes [one running
MS-outlook both got email send error 571, and they kept on 
repeating instructions of how to set email-sender-authentication.
Then after some hours their system was working OK.
It's all done with magnets & mirrors & whitchcraft.

> > All the more reason to have a linux based S3 system
> > - to provide the
> > missing inet facilities/updates which N-O will never
> > be able to do.
> > 
> > The ftp'ed "readme" tells that the 3.5MB N-O sources
> > are for linux,
> > solaris ..Darwin.  I'm wondering why all  the
> > different OS's files are
> > together ?
> That's probably to make development simpler.  
> For instance some source files are common to
> all x86 platforms whereas others are for 
> x86 Linux, x86 Solaris ect.  Having everything
> in a tree like that allows the developer to 
> update some stuff in one place.  (And yeah,
> I'll grudingly admit that's a nice thing 
> about folders.  Though I'm sure it could
> be done another way. :) )
Yes that's convenient for the developer, but 
especially for new users, the information-hiding
of 'other' OSs is recommended ?

> It was probably easier to just compress the
> entire directory tree, then to "prune" the
> extra files.  As an experiment I took out
> all of the "non Linux x86" files.  The
> source compressed to 3.2 MB at that point.  
> Not a huge savings.
> > And for the big system *tgz [10.9 MB] are they also
> > all 'mixed in one file'
> > ?
> No.  The Linux86 tgz only contains Linux86
> specific object files.  It's "big" partially
> because of all of the fonts incluced.
> Take out the fonts and the documentation
> and it compresses down to 4.3 MB.  The
> object files themselves are 2.7 MB compressed.
> > It could be a problem for me to download a single
> > 10.9 MB file, here in
> > 3rd world SA.
> What's the largest chunk that's reasonable
> for you to download at one time?  I'm guessing
> you've got a lot of the files already from
> your current N.O. installation.  You might
> not need fonts, documentation ect.  I could
> email you the 4.3 MB file or put it up
> somewhere like http://www.rapidshare.de if
> you have trouble receiving that large of
> an email.

Thanks, wouldn't the "object files themselves are 
2.7 MB compressed" emailed allow me to test it ?

Are you going to test it ?
Do you run linux ?

== Chris Glur.

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