[Oberon] Re. ANN, Unix Oberon ports, release 2.4.3

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Thu May 11 22:04:49 CEST 2006

--- easlab at absamail.co.za wrote:

> John Drake wrote:
> > Ok.  I'm almost scared to ask.  But what have 
> > they done now?
> >  
> Who knows, except that for 3 phone calls they just
> ignored
> my telling that 'suddenly my 2 indepedant boxes [one
> running
> MS-outlook both got email send error 571, and they
> kept on 
> repeating instructions of how to set
> email-sender-authentication.
> Then after some hours their system was working OK.
> It's all done with magnets & mirrors & whitchcraft.

Ah.  So both MS and NO were having trouble sending
mail.  Anyway, from what I "Googled" that's something
designed to stop spam, but it doesn't work because
spammers have already found a workaround.


I have no idea what it would take to add this
to NO.  For the people developing AOS, have
you looked at this?
> > That's probably to make development simpler.  
> > For instance some source files are common to
> > all x86 platforms whereas others are for 
> > x86 Linux, x86 Solaris ect.  Having everything
> > in a tree like that allows the developer to 
> > update some stuff in one place.  (And yeah,
> > I'll grudingly admit that's a nice thing 
> > about folders.  Though I'm sure it could
> > be done another way. :) )
> > 
> Yes that's convenient for the developer, but 
> especially for new users, the information-hiding
> of 'other' OSs is recommended ?

Well, technically speaking "new users" don't 
need to bother downloading the source code
anyway.  I'd think that someone who's ready
to start digging through source code
can delete directory trees without any
> > What's the largest chunk that's reasonable
> > for you to download at one time?  I'm guessing
> > you've got a lot of the files already from
> > your current N.O. installation.  You might
> > not need fonts, documentation ect.  I could
> > email you the 4.3 MB file or put it up
> > somewhere like http://www.rapidshare.de if
> > you have trouble receiving that large of
> > an email.
> Thanks, wouldn't the "object files themselves are 
> 2.7 MB compressed" emailed allow me to test it ?

I'm pretty sure that you'd need a bit more than 
that.  I've not run Linux Oberon before, but 
there's about 800 K of "bootup data" in 
System 3 Oberon for Windows.  There seems to
be about 37 K of "boot up" data in the Linux
Oberon distribution.  Also you'll need at least
SOME fonts at boot time.  (A few of the "Oberon"
fonts I'm guessing).  There are other files
that could be culled from the system folder
(like the bitmaps for the Arkenoid game).
Maybe 3.5 MB or less?
> Are you going to test it ?

Eventually perhaps.

> Do you run linux ?
> == Chris Glur.

Kinda, sorta, not really.  I play around with
and CD-ROM boot of Linux occassionally.


John M. Drake

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