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Thomas Frey thomas.frey at
Wed May 10 21:14:23 CEST 2006

We started an experiment in this direction, quite some time ago. A
student (Stefan Wismer) implemented a virtual ARM based computer for
Aos as a semester project. The main goal was not on speed but on
simplicity of the virtual computer and the test case was to run a
Bluebottle System within a Bluebottle system (which looked promising,
the last time i saw it).
It should be possible to prepare a Linux system for this ARM based
computer (But as far as I know, nobody is working on that right now).
Stefan or somebody else from ETH could maybe comment on the state of
the work and/or make it available on the web or in the contributions
so that some Linux specialist could give it a try.

Overall, running Linux as a virtual system in Bluebottle should be
doable, since both sides are open source and can be controlled (e.g.
by writing simple drivers for network/sound/graphics for the simulated
Linux and then simulate the simple virtual hardware in the virtual
computer. The virtual graphics adapter and serial port of the current
virtual ARM computer should already be supported by Linux since they
function (mostly) according to some actual hardware specifications
that is supported by existing LInux drivers) The ARM instruction set
is quite suitable as a virtual processor (Linux is regularly compiled
for ARM processors and the instruction set is much simpler and more
regular then for example the Pentium instruction set).


On 5/10/06, shark at <shark at> wrote:
> Thomas & everyone,
> t> Another virtualization SW that can run Bluebottle ...
> Pardon me for another tangential thought.
> There has never been a mention of the inverse
> possibility: an emulator for Aos which might
> host a Linux.  Is it just that nobody has ever
> tackled the project?  Is there a technical
> obstacle?
> Regards,    ... Peter E.
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