[Oberon] Re. How do I set initial window size in Unix/Linux Oberon?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Wed May 17 17:46:06 CEST 2006

B. Smith-Mannschott
> Back the in the days of DECOberon V4 (am I that old?) I used to be  
> able to say something like::
>    oberon -geometry 1024x768
Have you got any other linux aps. running ?

> Alternately, is there some way to get the initial viewer layout to  
> scale when the window is resized manually?
For all my previous N-O installations I selected vga.
So I always saw about 80 char width for default font in UserTrack,
and 16 colours.

Now Linux Oberon fits nicely in my existing Mandrake9 & FC1 
X-windows, but with more than 80 char wide, and the FontEditPanel
fits better and there seem to be more than 16 colours ?
I think this is dependant on the X-window setting [a potentially
nasty task].

> Specifically, my X Server (XWin32) at work spans two screens  
> (totalling 3200x1200), and it does me little good to have Oberon open  
> up so as to hog both screens.
I'm guessing that you will have to set up your X-window
for the new requirements.  It's independant of Oberon ?
Perhaps try a *linux* newsgroup ?

Use successive refinement & information hiding ?

It could be real good to have Oberon in one screen while 
the other screen shows linux aps !

== Chris Glur.

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