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shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Fri May 19 19:14:25 CEST 2006

Just to elaborate the suggestion about a glossary 
more specifically, ... 
if http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/ is opened and 
"library" is googled, the second link is to
the Columbus User's Guide.  The third paragraph 
states, "... you should be familiar with the 
concept of libraries used in the Oberon System 3."

Would be nice to see a link leading to an 
appropriate exposition of the concept.  Once 
this is established, the Master Index of the 
Columbus User's Guide could have a "library"

Thanks,         ... Peter E.

Desktops.OpenDoc  http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/

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