[Oberon] AW: USB mouse not recognized

Stauber Sven Philipp staubesv at student.ethz.ch
Wed Jun 21 10:29:45 CEST 2006

Hi Rene,
I could reproduce this error. At system startup, the UHCI driver could not enable ports if certain (for some it worked) USB devices were already connected to them. The driver was a bit too optimistic by assuming that the HC will immediatly enable a given port when it's told to do so...
To fix this problem, modify the procedure AosUsbUhci.UhciController.ResetPort:
Look for the following two lines:
SYSTEM.PORTOUT(ports[port], SYSTEM.VAL(INTEGER, SYSTEM.VAL(SET, status) + PortEnabled));   
SYSTEM.PORTIN(ports[port], SYSTEM.VAL(INTEGER, status));
Insert a Wait(10) between them. I'll implement a somewhat more sophisticated solution that will be included in the next release, but for now, that will work:

SYSTEM.PORTOUT(ports[port], SYSTEM.VAL(INTEGER, SYSTEM.VAL(SET, status) + PortEnabled));   
SYSTEM.PORTIN(ports[port], SYSTEM.VAL(INTEGER, status));
Thanks for reporting the bug.


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Betreff: Re: [Oberon] New (i.e. a week old) crazy-fresh release

Hi Ulla,

I just downloaded the crazy-fresh, and it seems that still USB mouses
are not recognized. Is there any reason for this? How can I "work
around"? Is this just my problem, or does everybody have it? Didn't we
already have this some time ago?

Thanks in advance

> Dear BB users,
> a new crazy-fresh release built on June 2, 2006 is available under
> www.bluebottle.ethz.ch.
> Besides a few minor bug fixes and clarifications in the code (removal
> of unused variables, commenting out of unused procedures, etc.) the
> following new features are to be mentioned:
> - a CD recording tool accessible under Files
> - an improved performance monitor accessible under Inspect
> - an open sound control (OSC) server and client
> The CD recording tool is the result of a student project. It has been
> tested for a while but new users of this software are welcome.
> I wish everybody good luck with the new release.
> Ulla Glavitsch

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