[Oberon] Re. pe.URI.Mod

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Jul 28 12:27:04 CEST 2006

Peter wrote:
> A revised pe.URI.Mod is now available. 
> Desktops.OpenDoc  http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/oberon.html
> Search down for URI.
> Most of the changes including at least one serious bug
> were reported by Jan Verhoeven.  Thanks Jan.
> As time is available I'll incorporate this into NetSystem 
> and HyperDocs.
> Bug reports and further suggestions for improvements 
> remain welcome.

Watson.ShowDef  URI.Mod == nill
System.Directory UR*Obj == nill

It's natural/easy, when one has been working extensively on
a project, to discount the the lowest, most trivial aspects,
like a description of what it is.

That's why I think every 'contribution directory' should have a
ReadMe file.

In order to capture these mind-dumbing but essential details,
[which IMO are equivalent to syntax] I believe in form-based
assistance. Like N-O's *.Tool acts as a prompt for the trivial details.

Debian eg. seems to have a good set of guidelines for the human
collaboration protocol. Once a project has been running for years
with multiple collaborators. The 'organisation' should have
evolved solutions, which are written down, for the repeating 

It seems that ETH source files eg. have the 'Copyright, portable or not, 
date' fields'.
I believe that other fields could be added.
Formally - like a syntax.
Hence forms based. Ie. think/design once and use multiple times ?

URI seems to suggest use of DNS ?
I'm not aware of any DNS problems with N-O usage.
Is this perhaps not for N-O ?


== Chris Glur.

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