[Oberon] Linux port of Bluebottle

Felix Friedrich felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Aug 25 15:05:49 CEST 2006

Hi Guenter,

> I's not clear to me if we are talking about the same compiler. I use the
> compiler from the BB sources I downloaded at 9. Aug. 2005. In the
> Oberon mailing list I noticed that there have been changes in the
> object format more recently, right? Is the current BB object format
> very different from what I am using?
No, probably not. There has been a change of the object format but it 
has been reverted back to the original one. So the format you are using 
is probably very much the same as the one that is in use in Bluebottle 
now. Nevertheless, a modification of the Obj Format is planned, as the 
GC is currently being modified. But this can be easily ported then to 
the other system such as WinAos and LinAos later on.
> It is integrated and the loader uses it. But it needs testing befor I can
> say yes. The next step will be creating test programs using the 
> AWAIT statement. Did you save your test modules? It would be a great
> help if I could use them.
I'll have a look if I still find some of the old test modules. In fact, 
the best test is using the parallel compiler (PACO) and the new 
graphical user interface and simply start some of the examples. If you 
need support for porting the window manager base modules, please let me 


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