[Oberon] BB on Linux

edgar at edgarschwarz.de edgar at edgarschwarz.de
Wed Nov 1 11:08:40 MET 2006

I finally installed an ATI driver for Suse10 on my Toshiba notebook.
Now it works with 1280x800 and also the INTEL WLAN is fine.
Nevertheless I can't install Bluebottle. I don't even see an OBE on booting.
Seems like BB doesn't like the ATI Mobile X600 chipset.
Now I would like to switch to Linux for my daily work and also have Bluebottle
at my fingertips.
LinAOS isn't ready AFAIK. So what about QEMU ? Is it possible to use the Linux
WLAN ? Because web access is mandatory.
Or is there another option ? VMware, ... ?

Cheers, Edgar

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