[Oberon] BB on Linux

Thomas Frey thomas.frey at alumni.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 1 11:42:50 MET 2006

> LinAOS isn't ready AFAIK. So what about QEMU ? Is it possible to use the Linux

Qemu up to 0.8.1 should work with Aos if you set the Aos ATA Driver to
legacy mode. (or use an older version before the new SATA driver)
Qemu 0.8.2 seems to have "optimized" something in the PCI emulation,
so Aos can no longer interact with the PCI 32 BIOS for some reason.
In theory Qemu 0.8.2 should work with the Bb network support. 0.8.1
does not since there is no driver for this version's emulated network

VMWare should work with Network and also also the "Aos VMWare tools".
Set VMWare to Windows 98 guest system otherwise it might be too slow.
In the Linux Version of VMWare, the Linear-Framebuffer VESA modes seem
to not (always) work. Try the demo version or the Player to check if
works for your system.

http://www.parallels.com/ has another virtualization solution which at
least used to work if it was set to "no acceleration". (Maybe the new
version is better)


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