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Wed Nov 1 11:50:20 MET 2006

To get BB running natively on your notebook, try the following config string settings (when Scrolllock is enabled, you should be able to set config strings, otherwise things get complicated):
The first config string specifies the amount of installed system memory [MBytes] by overriding the automatic detection, which sometimes fails (in particular on notebooks). Use a low value as 256 to test. If it works, use a value about 20 MB less than the amount of memory your device has.
The second string forces single processos mode.
VMWare should work, but if using a 5.x version, be sure to select Windows95/98/ME as host system since the performance is very bad otherwise. Under VMWare 4.x, BB generally performs much better. 
QEMU also works but you have to use a 7.x version since on QEMU 8.x BB traps. Also, you will have to set the config string ATADetect=legacy.
Good luck!
Sven Stauber


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I finally installed an ATI driver for Suse10 on my Toshiba notebook.
Now it works with 1280x800 and also the INTEL WLAN is fine.
Nevertheless I can't install Bluebottle. I don't even see an OBE on booting.
Seems like BB doesn't like the ATI Mobile X600 chipset.
Now I would like to switch to Linux for my daily work and also have Bluebottle
at my fingertips.
LinAOS isn't ready AFAIK. So what about QEMU ? Is it possible to use the Linux
WLAN ? Because web access is mandatory.
Or is there another option ? VMware, ... ?

Cheers, Edgar

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