[Oberon] Re. Further experience with the CF card.

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Thu Nov 2 18:56:11 MET 2006

Peter E wrote: -------------------
After almost a year of routine use, the CF card
refuses to mount.  A backup is installed and
little if any data is lost.
The mount command and trap follow.  The
OFSBoot.BootSystem at the bottom of the trap
seems odd.  Is there any advice before I dash
to reformat?

Of Course you know they have a limited write
cycle count ?
They are to be considered as disposable.
I would have had several.
I'm still hoping to use them instead of fd0s.

N-O's fragile inet facilities, especially the
ppp is becoming intolerable with the more
highly loaded inet traffic here in S.Africa.

Linux-oberon came just in time for me.
As you too acknowledged: there's nothing up
to N-O for 'handling the text' -- once you've 
got it. So we must have ETH-oberon AND linux
to fetch the text and process it.

BTW I suspect that why many don't get the full
value of ETH-oberon's text handling is that they
use too high a resolution.   Since N-O v2.3.2, I
had always used the default: VGA.  
But linux-Oberon's default writes a much smaller
text; which is awkward.  So I have to carry the
text to the N-O box 2 meters away by fd0.
I have moved it via low-activity newsgroups;
ie. from SA to California & back to move 2 meters
because N-O needs rebooting when Backup.* fails !

No I don't want to open another can of worms:
a network connection.

== Chris Glur.

PS. since I can't TextMail.* from N-O; since no
Tx-autenticate facility, I can't TextMail.Cite,
but Linux [mc the other 'got to use utility'
interfaces nicely with linux-oberon] does 

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