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Fri Nov 3 10:47:51 MET 2006

Hi Edgar,
WLAN: Don't expect it soon, but maybe in 3-6 months...
1280x800: Did you try to select this screen resolution? 
If you install the Bluebottle Boot Manager (Can be done with the Partition Tool -> Bluebottle -> Install BootManager) and enable scolllock before boot up, pressing the "v" key in the menu that lets you select the partition to boot will show a list of available graphic modes and the correspondig init strings. There is a quite good chance that 1280x800 is supported - if it is, set "Init=xxx" where xxx is the init string for the desired screen resolution.
If you don't want to install the BB boot manager on your notebook, you can use a USB memory stick for that purpose. It's enough if you really just install the boot manager on partition 0 - nothing else is required. Then boot from the stick with scrolllock enabled. That way you can find out the (device-specific) init string you need.
Sven Stauber


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Great: Bluebottle boots on my Toshiba Satellite
        LAN: Realtek: should work. Will be verified soon.
Still to do:
        1280x800: Minor inconvenience.
        WLAN: Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG
Any hope for WLAN ?

Cheers, Edgar

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