[Oberon] POP server

W B Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Fri Nov 24 22:22:16 MET 2006

Easthope wrote:
> Oberon & Aos users,
> The Postfix package allows the Debian system
> here to send mail from the Oberon system.
> Can anyone recommend a Debian package to allow
> Oberon to receive mail _via_ POP3?
> Thanks,        ... Peter

If you mean to go off and gather mail *FROM* [one or more remote] POP mailboxes, 
then Fetchmail or Getmail among others.

If you mean actually *receive* mail, then it is an MTA you want, not POP.

No clue about Debian's 'package' system, but if the gcc compiler and libraries 
are available for Debian, you could perhaps install those and compile from 
source as Unix folk do.


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