[Oberon] N-O/BB unintended effects interfacing Win/Linux ?

easlab at absamail.co.za easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Nov 25 09:02:43 MET 2006

John Drake mentioned a problem re. 'menu bar' on a WinSystem
'being in the way, which he couldn't remove' [I think] ?

Similarly under linux / FC1 I don't know how to remove the bottom
'menu bar'. Perhaps one day, before I move onto another installation,
I'll find out.

Meanwhile this 'bottom menu bar' can lead to bad situations.
Under N-O, when a frame is Grow'n and then Hide'ed, this frame makes
all other frames in the track to be hidden.

Because the frame is hiding behind the 'bottom menu bar', you can't
use the normal 'Close'; which would then release all the other hidden
frames !

The solution relates to a facility in ET* which I previously queried
and got no answer to;   use:
 ET.Marker  set <XCoords of hiddenFrame>  <YCoords of hiddenFrame>
   and then System.Close *   and/or System.Grow  to get control
over the hidden frame.

To determine the <XCoords of hiddenFrame>  <YCoords of hiddenFrame>
use [initially & then save as a ToolMnemonic] 
ET.Marker set <guessValueX>  <guessValueY>  to step and observe the
marker, to know when it would be marking the invisible frame, behind the 
linux/Win menu-bar.

For VGA setting I find that ET.Marker set 188 233  is approx. in the middle
of the UserTrak. So vary the coords. and watch it step ....

== Chris Glur.

PS. this trivial mail serves to test my first.
N-O email Tx using Tx-authentication.

We need the 'wiki-like-facility' to capture collaborated efforts !

PSS. test N+1. Only mail sender authorised by N-O mailing list
  is valid.   I predict that 'cost per mail, managed by ISP' is inevitable
 anti spam mechanism, to be soon introduced. Rather than increasing
levels of authentication ?


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