[Oberon] POP server

W B Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Sat Nov 25 00:50:09 MET 2006

Easthope wrote:
> Bill & others,
> wh> Dovecot IMAP/POP is our personal favorite
>  ... See also Bincimap.
> OK, thanks.  There is a Dovecot package for Debian.
> wh> Given that just about everyone ether has home and work/school
> or desk / PDA machines, and/or travels, uses a Cyber cafe
> or otherwise 'borrows' a machine to check mail, we dropped
> POP as an obsolete PITA some time ago and went IMAP-only.
> Does Aos have IMAP?

I suppose it does so long as it has a browser...


Most (not all) Webmail are IMAP.

> Oberon Mail.Panel 

Not my area of expertise.


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