[Oberon] Re. Oberon on PPC/Linux - plus++

crglur at mmi01.absamail.co.za crglur at mmi01.absamail.co.za
Wed Nov 29 02:50:26 MET 2006

I'm not sure if I've successfully posted this before ?
I'm using it as part of my painfull email Tx-authentication
update.  Looking at email headers shows that most mails
don't have Tx-authentication.  I wonder why my ISP is especially
strict. And still I receive masses of spam which would be easily

Klaas Punt wrote:
> I was wondering if the Native Oberon simulator package
> would run on the PPC. It is Linux and the source is available
> I would think.
What 'Native Oberon simulator package' ?
Can you provide a URL pointer ?

> Anyway, I'll first set my teeth in Oberon System, which I
> always thought to be covered by this mailing list, being an
> ETH project.

I believe Mac has a X86 simulator, because I once saw
DOS-turbo-pascal running on a Mac ?

So then you can perhaps run some of the Native Oberon

Brantley Coile wrote:
> I still have not received any responses to my request
> for Oberon System binaries for the Ceres computer.
> I hope they are somewhere at ETH.  Can someone help
> me out.  I'm going to write a simulator to run them.

Were they ever publicly released ?
What does goog say ?

I want ARM stuff.
Someone pointed to a httpS source.
Since N-O can't handle httpS, it should not be used, for N-O stuff !
Especially where there's no good reason to do so ?
The use of unessential features, like using non-ascii chars for "'",
..etc. is a curse to be avoided - like top-posting, emailing in
html format, using ps/pdf/..etc. where osi/ascii suffices.

== Chris Glur.

========= testing towards Tx-authentication ?

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