[Oberon] File Manager does not show image files in the latest Bluebottle release.

fnecati at gyte.edu.tr fnecati at gyte.edu.tr
Mon Dec 4 18:02:22 MET 2006

Hello Bluebottle developers,

When a picture selected for opening by using the File Manager, picture window is not opened
saying no decoder found for this picture format. I solved the problem by changing the following lines
in WMSystemComponents.OpenFile procedure as;

(** Opens the file path; corresponding file handlers are specified in AosConfig.XML *)

	(* construct the command *)
(* Utilities.Append(filehandler, ' "'); *)  (* is not needed *)
	Utilities.Append(filehandler, ' '); 
	Utilities.Append(filehandler, path);
(*	Utilities.Append(filehandler, '"');*)  (* is not needed *)

when above changed are made FileManager can show image files.

 Best regards,
- Necati Ecevit

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