[Oberon] Help with WMStringGrids

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 17:04:16 MET 2006

Hello all,

I'm trying to use BlueBottle for an actual work
project (automated survey system).  One thing I
need now is an widget to select a particular
survey record.  The WMStringGrids widget would
be perfect.  This widget is demo'd by the GUI
pattern GUIPat8.Mod.  (See GUIPat.txt).  But
there's a problem.  GUPat8 works ok, but it
doesn't show any of the data until you 
"mouseover" all of the grid cells.  That's
NOT going to work.

Now WMObjectTracker.Mod also uses a grid, but
it works as expected.  I think the issue
has to do with the "Invalidate" method for
WMComponents.VisualComponent object.
Invalidate is supposed to declare an area
of the screen that needs to be redrawn.
GUIPat8.Mod does make an explicit call to
Invalidate when it opens a window.  
WMObjectTracker doesn't, but it does make
a call to WMStringGrid.SetColSpacings which
makes a call to Invalidate.  (Before someone
asks, I did try to do the same thing in
GUIPat8 but with no luck.)

So I'm wondering if anyone knows any tricks
to getting WMStringGrids to display correctly
when loaded?


John M. Drake

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