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Mon Dec 11 09:06:28 MET 2006

Eric wrote:
> I wish to write a simple networking application. Is there an Oberon 
> compiler (for Windows or Linux) that comes with a module library 
> for TCP networking?

This is not a direct answer, but a just a qwik cutNpaste-demo of how 
I would try to find out.

Applying System.Directory ^ to *TCP*   shows:--

Applying Watson.ShowDef  ^ to NetTCP.Obj shows:--

NetTCP.Def == 	IMPORT SYSTEM, NetPorts, NetIP;
	PROCEDURE Send (C: ..
	PROCEDURE Receive (C: ...
	PROCEDURE Connect (VAR C: ...
Applying Watson.ShowDef  ^ to AosTCP.Obj shows:--

AosTCP.Def ==
IMPORT AosIP, NetSystem, Kernel, Modules, Files, OFS, NetBase, NetPorts, 
 NetIP, NetUDP, 
		NetTCP, NetDNS, Input, V24, Texts, Objects, Display, Fonts, Reals, 
Oberon, Viewers, 
		TextFrames, MenuViewers, Strings, Dates, AosOut, Out;
		Connection = POINTER TO RECORD
			PROCEDURE Available (): LONGINT;
			PROCEDURE Open (lport, fip, fport: LONGINT; VAR res: LONGINT);
			PROCEDURE Receive (VAR data: ARRAY OF CHAR; ofs, size, min: 
                  LONGINT; VAR len, res: LONGINT);
			PROCEDURE Send (VAR data: ARRAY OF CHAR; ofs, len: LONGINT; 
               propagate: BOOLEAN; VAR res: LONGINT);

?! this one looks like an OOD approach ?
So to me it seems that TCP modules/libraries for N-O & Aos, exist.
And included in N-O [& Aos presumably] there are 
Windows & Linux & standAlone compilers for the code.

AFAIK, nicely documented libraries don't exist.   This, apparently 
because ETH systems are evolved from student projects;
ie. the short term view of 'my project' is followed, rather than
'how to make it extendable by others'.

== Chris Glur.

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