[Oberon] BBT format, national alphabet and Styles

Thomas Frey thomas.frey at alumni.ethz.ch
Tue Dec 26 01:40:41 MET 2006

> 1. When I in PET or Notepad try to save in a BBT format the text in which the characters of national alphabet (for example Cyrillic) are contained TRAP happens.
The UTF8 size of plaintext in texts with non ASCII characters was
assumed too small. I send you a fix in private and to ETH.

> 2. Why are national characters in default font always displayed by the glyphs of greater size than the Latin characters? Where this glyphs and sizes can be redefined?
The normal Oberon font does not know these characters. The font
manager searches the installed fonts for one, that contains these
characters, so it can display anything at all. In the default
installation there is only a fixed size bitmap font that contains
non-ascii characters. You can install a unicode ttf font, that
contains your characters and chose this font for writing.

> 3. How possible to do so that the changed parameters (for example, size) of styles (Normal, Bold, Highlight, ...) went into effect at a next boot BB?
This is stored in DefaultTextStyles.XML. (keep a backup of the file
before changing)


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