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The USB storage driver assumes that boot devices use the bulk only transport protocol. If your CD-ROM uses another transport protocol, you won't be able to boot Bluebottle from it. 
To see what transport protocol is used by your CD-ROM, boot Bluebottle from another device, attach the USB CD-ROM and open the Startmenu->Inpect->UsbViewer. Press the Detailed button in the window and look for the CD-ROM device. You should find the entry describing the USB interface of the mass storage device (bInterfaceClass is 08h). There's a field bInterfaceProtocol that tells you what kind of transport protocol is used (bulk only is 50h).
I would appreciate if you tell me whether the transport protocol is the problem.
Sven Stauber


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I have a system with a USB based CD drive.  I built a CD iso image
with a kernel that is known to boot a USB memory stick.  There are two
additional AosStorage??? modules that are also linked into the file,
that end up being loaded when I mount a USBCD based file system.

It doesn't boot.  I have set Init=0 and TraceMode=3 and watched as all
sorts of insightful information scrolls off the top of the screen too
fast for me to read.

It will be a lot of effort to set up serial debugging support.  I
wonder if there is some way to make the trace output slow down.
(scroll lock does not work)

Alternately, has anyone already succeeded at a USB CD boot?

-- Aubrey McIntosh, Ph.D.
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