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Hi again,
Some other things:
- AosUsbStorageBoot.Mod (which is linked into the USB boot kernel) assumes that the boot device's name is USB0. If it has another name, you have to set the config string UsbBootDevice (in your case UsbBootDevice=USBCD0).
- It would also be interesting to know what command set your device uses (bInterfaceSubclass value)
Sven Stauber


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I have a system with a USB based CD drive.  I built a CD iso image
with a kernel that is known to boot a USB memory stick.  There are two
additional AosStorage??? modules that are also linked into the file,
that end up being loaded when I mount a USBCD based file system.

It doesn't boot.  I have set Init=0 and TraceMode=3 and watched as all
sorts of insightful information scrolls off the top of the screen too
fast for me to read.

It will be a lot of effort to set up serial debugging support.  I
wonder if there is some way to make the trace output slow down.
(scroll lock does not work)

Alternately, has anyone already succeeded at a USB CD boot?

-- Aubrey McIntosh, Ph.D.
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