[Oberon] FAT Filesystem on BluebottleServer allows duplicate files with same name

Patrick.Hunziker at unibas.ch Patrick.Hunziker at unibas.ch
Wed Jan 10 12:54:10 MET 2007

To my surprise, Files generated on a Bluebottle FAT partition in a folder
sometimes have the same name, as visible in System.Directory, visible in the
Bluebottle File Browser, and visible when accessing the folder in Windows.
There seem no "nonprintable" characters in the filename (a problem sometimes
occurring when using the Store Button in the Oberon Gadgets Interface).
When trying, in Bluebottle, to
a list of files containing that duplicate, the duplicate file problem becomes
The same problem becomes manifest when booting windows and trying to copy that
A visualisation of the problem is on

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