[Oberon] Duplicate filenames

Bernhard Egger bernhard at aces.snu.ac.kr
Sun Jan 21 07:26:08 MET 2007

> To my surprise, Files generated on a Bluebottle FAT partition in a folder
> sometimes have the same name, as visible in System.Directory, visible in the
> Bluebottle File Browser, and visible when accessing the folder in Windows.

To register a file, end users *must* use AosFS.Register(f).

AosFS.File.Register0 *must not* be called by end users.
Calling File.Register0 directly will lead to several severe problems, 
because the file is not added to the list of 'active files' within 
AosFS. The  race condition when checking for duplicate filenames is also 
caused by invoking File.Register0() directly.


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