Antwort: [Oberon] FAT Filesystem on BluebottleServer allows duplicate files with same name

Edgar Schwarz Edgar.Schwarz at
Wed Jan 10 13:58:44 MET 2007

Hi Patrik,
I know for years that FAT has problems and also some people at ETH should
My problems showed up when I mapped WebDAV files to FAT. WebDAV knows about
so I couldn't use the Oberon filesystem.
I had spurious problems with duplicate files and also couldn't delete files
and so on.
My guess it that these are problems concerning garbage collection and
freeing filehandles.
You can't "close" a file in Oberon AFAIK. A clash of philosophies :-(
But I never dared to take a dive into the FAT driver. Also if I communicate
with an external WebDAV
server (E.g. apache) this isn't a problem.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen /Med vänliga hälsningar/ Best regards

Edgar Schwarz

P.S. At the moment ObeDAV is ported from Builder.Compile to PC.Compile.
This means in some files
a lot of editorial (I hope) changes because of ordering restrictions.

Edgar.Schwarz at, Postf. 1920, D-71509 Backnang,+49 7191 13 3382,

Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler (A.Einstein)

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To my surprise, Files generated on a Bluebottle FAT partition in a folder
sometimes have the same name, as visible in System.Directory, visible in
Bluebottle File Browser, and visible when accessing the folder in Windows.
There seem no "nonprintable" characters in the filename (a problem
occurring when using the Store Button in the Oberon Gadgets Interface).
When trying, in Bluebottle, to
a list of files containing that duplicate, the duplicate file problem
The same problem becomes manifest when booting windows and trying to copy
A visualisation of the problem is on

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