[Oberon] N-O: is this quirk mentioned anywhere ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Jan 28 08:12:25 MET 2007

Since the user-interface is the most important aspect of stuff,
it's good that the N-O documentation tell early what to do
when [the new user] has unintendedly closed all his 

Many potential users simply abort their early efforts at
ETH-Oberon, when they hit an unexpected quirk.
Like 'ghost in the machine', when no one would tell him
how to 'scroll' big images, especially with vga setting.
And where such a big image appears early in the 

Here's another quirk:
* the pasteing to an Edit.Open frame is active/available
   immediately after it's visible.
* the pasteing to MenuFrame of an Edit.Open frame is 
   similarly immediately valid.
! But the renaming of a Desktops.OpenDoc-type frame
   by pasteing a new ID tothe NamePlate is NOT valid 
   until <cr> !

So when the user renames and thinks he has saved the
newly-named file he is mistaken.
That's also why the System.Log is good.
But for a cluttered application [like FontEditor] where
the System.Log is covered and not visible == unexpected

== Chris Glur.

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