[Oberon] Parallel processing

Douglas G. Danforth Danforth at GreenwoodFarm.com
Tue Jan 30 21:09:14 MET 2007

"In an InformationWeek article entitled 'Where's the Software to Catch 
Up to Multicore Computing?' the Chief Architect at IBM gives some fairly 
compelling reasons why your favorite software will soon be rendered 
deadly slow because of new hardware architectures. Software, she says, 
just doesn't understand how to do work in parallel to take advantage of 
16, 64, 128 cores on new processors. Intel just stated in an SD Times 
article that 100% of its server processors will be multicore by end of 
2007. We will never, ever return to single processor computers. 
Architect Catherine Crawford goes on to discuss some of the ways 
developers can harness the 'tiny supercomputers' we'll all have soon, 
and some of the applications we can apply this brute force to."

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