[Oberon] Status quo?

René A. Krywult rene.krywult at aon.at
Wed Feb 14 17:01:26 MET 2007

The answer to all your questions probably depends on what hardware/OS you want to use.

The Blackbox component Framework (availlable at www.oberon.ch) operates under Windows, is OpenSource, has a community and is also used commercially, for instance. 

System Bluebottle is, AFAIK, not used commercially, and I think the same goes for Oberon System. I could be wrong though. 

GPCP may be used commercially, though frankly I don't know. 


René A. Krywult

----- Original von:  Andreas KäŠnner <andreas at kaenner.de>:

> Hi,

I'm a Objective-C / Cocoa developer by trade. In my spare time I look 
into other programming languages as well. Now I found Oberon and I think 
it is amazing.
I have some questions, which I hope will be answered by someone on this 

- is there something like an active developer community?
- is Oberon mainly an academic or a commercial  endeavour or is it 
driven by an Open Source community?
- if someone wants to start programming in Oberon which environment do 
you suggest? (In respect to support from the community)

Thank you,

Andreas Känner

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