[Oberon] Fragen was 'Status quo'

Andreas KäŠnner andreas at kaenner.de
Thu Feb 15 09:45:13 MET 2007

Hi Ulrich and the others,

for me the most appealing thing is, that the Oberon System  is a  
complete development environment and runtime system with GUI support.  
The language is strongly typed and has a flexible inheritance mechanism. 
In comparison to many other and newer languages Oberon has a simple 
syntax which is easy to understand. Not to forget the garbage collector.

I don't want to use Oberon commercially. Only for my own interest. I 
want to test/prototype some graphic algorithms with ist and I need a GUI 
to verify the results.
A complete Oberon System with GUI would be nice.

Reading the suggestions by the other members on this mailing list I see 
this candidates :

ETH Oberon Sytem for  Windows, Linux or native

Due to the fact that my main development platform is Mac OS X, nothing 
on this list fits really well. I would wish that the Oberon System had 
been ported to  various platforms using libSDL or a similar cross 
platform library. But I'm willing to experiment in order work with 
Oberon. I have a PC too but I don't want to use Windows. Therfore I end 
up with this candidates:

ETH Oberon System for Linux or native
I have not found a recently build ETH Oberon System for any platform, 
but Bluebottle is updated frequently. Is there any progress with ETH 
Oberon or is all activity going into Bluebottle?

Thank you for all the answers,
Andreas Känner

ulrich ulrich schrieb:
> hallo Andreas,
> was gefällt Dir an Oberon und was willst Du damit machen?
> freundliche Grüße,
> Ulrich
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