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Thu Feb 15 12:37:48 MET 2007

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> I don't want to use Oberon commercially. Only for my own interest. I 
> want to test/prototype some graphic algorithms with ist and I 
> need a GUI 
> to verify the results.
> A complete Oberon System with GUI would be nice.
> Reading the suggestions by the other members on this mailing 
> list I see 
> this candidates :
> ETH Oberon Sytem for  Windows, Linux or native
> Blackbox
> Bluebottle
> Due to the fact that my main development platform is Mac OS 
> X, nothing 
> on this list fits really well. 

Is the Mac OS X 10.3 X-Windows version of ETH Oberon 2.4 any use to you?

See the readme file for more information:


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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