[Oberon] WinAos 3.02

Felix Friedrich felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Feb 15 18:14:24 MET 2007

A new release of WinAos (version 3.02) is available for download on 


    - Win32.AosTCP.Mod: some connections never got closed, is now done 
via close timer
    - Minor Bugfix in Win32.WinMenus.Mod
modified/new features
    - A right mouse click on boundary of textframes works as selection 
only if SHIFT key is pressed at the same time.
    - Ctrl+Backspace now serves as substitution for the break key
    - SHIFT+F1 now serves as substitution for the menu-key (for zooming 
etc.) in Windows (which itself is a substitution for the windows-key 
that cannot be used in WinAos).
    - The system configuration is not written to the Oberon.Text any 
more each time when the system is closed
    - Very long (>64) filenames are now also supported in Oberon. 
Texts.Scanners and Attributes.Scanners do also accept long strings now  
Many Gadgets adapted to long strings.
    - The compiler now supports a display of warning messages for never 
used variables, types and procedures.

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