[Oberon] Toy

Søren Renner soren.renner at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 17:16:34 MET 2007

Chris Glur is correct: the early version of the toy interpreter does
not handle "if" correctly, and has other errors, which were fixed in a
later version which is either lost  or is on a hard drive in a drawer,
which I will examine in an attempt to find it. I advise anyone
interested in toy -- STRONGLY ADVISE -- to either modify what you have
or write an interpreter de novo, as you will learn SO MUCH if my
experience is any guide. (I found that I knew what "continuations"

If you write one de novo consider following my example and writing the
interpreter without any "stack" -- just a linked list of boxes works
perfectly. Perhaps a stack would be "faster" but then you aren't after
raw speed or you wouldn't be writing a joy/toy interpreter.

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