[Oberon] MM+MR into mutt in ssh viewer vs. into Web mailer in vnc viewer

Easthope peasthope at cablelan.net
Wed Feb 28 21:40:50 MET 2007


Here is a case study in using ssh and vnc.

After many hours of reading and tinkering, mutt 
running on machine H at home can be accessed 
via ssh from another machine M, at an arbitrary 
location.  Of course, M runs Oberon or Aos 
containing ssh and vnc clients.

Typically I compose a message using ET and then 
want to copy it into the viewer for a mailer 
visible in M.  The mailer can be mutt viewed via 
ssh.  Otherwise it is Web based, MailSite Express 
viewed with vnc.

Copying with MM+MR into MailSite Express via vnc
works.  An attempt to MM+MR copy into mutt in 
the ssh viewer immediately freezes it.  Yet a 
command such as "ls *" can be copied into the 
ssh viewer and executed with no difficulty.

Hopefully someone with a better understanding of
the protocols and softwares can explain why one 
method works while the other fails.

Thanks,         ... Peter E.

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