[Oberon] Need RX 'substitute' confirmation ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Mar 5 02:12:32 MET 2007

I previously indicated reluctance to spend further resources testing 
the Regul*  Babel* package pair.    

In fact, I had previously downloaded these 2 packages and started
trying to install.  Fortunately N-O makes keeping a log very easy,
so I could continue with my efforts.

The fact that the 'authorities' have decide NOT to include 
Regul/Babel in the package list was a consideration for deciding
to abort the intall/test/run attempt.  The main fact was/is the 
non-standard format.  I see now eg. that:
* RegulFindApi.Mod [and all/most text] use a non-standard font,
  were I'm not able to read the text properly, because line-len
exceeds what I can see under VGA; even for Desktops.OpenDoc .
* Script.Open  RegulFindApi.Mod ~ does TRAP -14 

Of course it's no problem to convert any text to any more convenient
font.  But one must ask WHY was the pakages[s] non-standard initially.

There are tasks which are uneconomical for the lone operator
to do, but which become viable with collaboration.  A wiki helps
capture and coordinate the dispersed efforts.

Since regular expression search-and-replace must be one of the 
most usefull facilities for common usage, if any N-O user has in 
fact installed and substantially used the Regul/Babel package-pair
please confirm if my previous example, is doable.
Ie. delete multiple consecutive lines, where the starting and ending
lines to be deleted, contain specified starting and ending strings.
Also delete only text [including line boundries] between the
starting and ending strings.

If this works I'll put some guiding notes on Edgars wiki so that
other users can benefit from the availability of an essential tool.


== Chris Glur.

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