[Oberon] Re. BlueBottle on xbox ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Mar 25 04:29:17 MEST 2007

Bernhard Treutwein wrote:
> Anyone tried to run BlueBottle on a Xbox?
> Since the Xbox is essentially a PC, it should be feasible ...
> see: http://www.xbox-linux.org/wiki/Getting_Started#3

Good, N-O's browser can read the wiki.
Can BlueBottle's browser write to it ?

} The Xbox comes in a nice, portable form-factor, is smaller and lighter 
} than most PCs, and is quieter. 

So if it's got no fan, it uses much less power too ?
But it still practically can't be battery driven ?
} The best feature is that any television can serve as a monitor ..

What resolution does the TV give, ie. char-len for full width ?

You'd still be dependant on M$, who would pull the carpet 
once you started relying on it.
That it's half the price of new PCs is irrelevant, since if you 
avoid M$ bloat you can use FREE trashed PC's.
How many ample PCs will be thrown out now that Vista is released ?

Or perhaps Xbox's [apparent] advanced video/sound is an attraction ?

== Chris Glur.

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