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Sun Mar 25 07:48:34 MEST 2007


Thanks for the explanation.  I'll try to 
fill in some details.  

wh> ... need to control the MTA AND it 
  be one that can do as it is told.

H can!  There are three machines, W, H and P.

W is my Oberon workstation.

H is my Debian Linux system at home.  It has 
exim4, a connection to my home LAN and a 
continuous cable connection to P. 

P belongs to the ISP and is beyond my control.

When W is on the LAN with H, H relays 
messages to P with no problems.  Apparently 
W, H and P all use port 25.  SSH is not 

When W is away from the home LAN but can 
connect to H through the Internet, messages 
should go from W to H through a SSH tunnel.  
H should continue to relay messages to P as 
mentioned above.  The tunnel should be invoked 
by W.  

wh> Best to use 587.

So /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template should 
contain this line?
tls_on_connect_ports = 587

H should continue to allow a local
connection on port 25 ...

and this might open the tunnel from W to H?

SSH.StartForwarding peter at 25:localhost:587 ~

This will be the data flow?

[W:Oberon MUA:25] ==(SMTP in SSH tunnel)==> 
  [587:H:exim:25] ==(SMTP in cable)==> [25:P]

Thanks again for all the information,
             ... Peter E.


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