[Oberon] Re: Active Oberon on ARM CPUs

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue May 8 07:29:06 MEST 2007

>>   http://aces.snu.ac.kr/~bernhard/bluebottle/armaos/ARMRelease.zip
 === problem !
 Bernhard wrote:-
>  I've just downloaded the file from the link provided above and unzipped it
> without any problems. I suggest you download the file again.
> Here's the MD5 sum:
>   egger at r2d2 ~/scratch/test $ md5sum ARMRelease.zip
>   872b0fd2f2bc61577c1b5b9645d34ab0  ARMRelease.zip
On my second down-load I aborted at 7.5MB, my weekly 'quota' !
I could never find out how to see the size of http before fetching ?
What are the sizes of your zips ?  

Also wear.AosSysSrc.zip 
> Here's the MD5 sum for wear.AosSysSrc.zip:
>   egger at r2d2 ~/scratch/test $ md5sum wear.AosSysSrc.zip
>   3369c7e229c48f8be7771f3fb1527c17  wear.AosSysSrc.zip  <-- different !


== Chris Glur.

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