[Oberon] document packaging.

Easthope peasthope at cablelan.net
Thu May 10 21:26:13 MEST 2007

Jan & others,

At Mon Mar  6 00:39:22 2006 Jan Verhoeven mentioned, 
"... webservers will display a .html.gz file as if the '.gz' was 
not there in the first place."

A document can comprise multiple files, *.html, 
*.jpg & etc.  I am interested to have such a 
document packaged into a single file or text. 

gzip compresses one file into one file.  To make 
one archive of several files, they are assembled 
with tar and then squeezed with gzip.  As I understand, 
most Web browsers can not open a *.tar.gz.

The problem was recognized in the W3C years ago.  
Googling "site:w3.org xml packaging" finds several 
pages including,
"http://www.w3.org/1999/07/xml-pkg234/Overview" .

Also see "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Packaging_Convention".

Aos might support OPC later if not now.

Regards,       ... Peter E.

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