[Oberon] Chris Glur test Outlook-Expr..

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Thu May 17 03:33:35 MEST 2007

Hi Henry,

I tried to send this from Windows but my setup is wrong,
and since I don't use Win, I won't waste time fixing it.
I'll rather just paste the text which I wrote in Win, into
my linux sytem and post via linux.

PS. I think buying a new Win package is bad !

Hi Henry,

beacuse my electricity went off and I need to reboot, 
I've now got a chance to test Windows Outlook Express 
for you. Ie. how to email without using word.

1. Start: envelope-Icon = see 'outlook express';
2. click: email ..start a new Mail message = see a new form with 6 fields;
3. fill in 2nd field called "To:" with your Henry G's address;
4. fill in 5th field called "Subject:" with: "Chris Glur test
5. fill in last BIG field with this message.
6. clik the "send: Button/icon"

Hope this works .. trying to post from Windows now !
== Chris Glur.
==============  the text below is what I 'cut & pasted' from
what I saw when I first entered Outlook Express.
You should also see something like this, to know how/where to find
the "Create a new Mail message" place. ===============

 Go to    
  for Main Identity 
 Find a Message...    Identities Tips 
   There are 29 unread Mail messages in your Inbox  
 Create a new Mail message 
Read Mail 
  Create a new News message 
Read News 
 Subscribe to Newsgroups... 
  Open the Address Book... 
 Find People... 
When Outlook Express starts, go directly to my Inbox. 
 Tip of the day  
 You can switch identities without closing Outlook Express or losing your connection to the Internet.

To switch to another identity, click the File menu then click Switch Identity. 
Previous    Next 
Switch Identities... 
Add New Identity...  
Manage Identities... 
Log Off  

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