[Oberon] WinAos executable

Patrick.Hunziker at unibas.ch Patrick.Hunziker at unibas.ch
Fri May 18 12:20:54 MEST 2007

Hi Soren
Look at PELinker.Tool and the various *.Link Files in the WinAos distribution.
They show how to compile your custom .exe file with all relevant files linked
into it (thus eliminating the need for free-floating object files)
The mechanism is also described in UserGuide.Text but some details there are a
little outdated. More details are found in Emil Zeller's Dissertation at ETHZ,
somewhere findable on the net. (Note that a PC compiler permitting the [C]
parameter convention is also in the doing for WinAos, although not in the
current distribution).

Earlier, Windows DLLs could also be produced by this approach, although the
recent system updates seem to have brought in a little problem here, so that
DLL production does not work currently (a highly desirable feature, however)
while loading Windows DLLs works.

Executables are also be compilable on Linux, as shown by Guenter Feldmanns
recent advances in porting Bluebottle to Linux; producing Linux shared
libraries would also be very welcome, but have not been realized up to now to
my knowledge.


Soren wrote:
Is there a way to package a program as a standalone executable in
WinAos, so that as long as I can port a demo from native BB to WinAos,
I can make it into an executable, running on (ugh) Windows, that
doesn't expose anything but the demo?

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