[Oberon] Wirth's plea against bloat is lost in the noise.

Jack Johnson knapjack at gmail.com
Sat May 19 18:17:07 MEST 2007

On 19 May 2007, Chris Glur <easlab at absamail.co.za> wrote:
> So now this post will generate another 100 goog-entries about
> 'oberon+Blackfin' !
> Is goog becoming evil like M$ ?

Google isn't generating those cross-posts, it's just finding them for
you.  They were always there.

> And the curse of the proliferation of 'text representations';
> what's wrong with using plain text (single bytes) for single-quote
> and back-quote, instead of "a^8099", "a^8098",  "&rsquo",
> "&lsquo" ...etc.

What's wrong is people asking what's wrong.  UTF-8 and its
HTML-equivalents are probably the best way to incorporate what was
with what needs to be without assuming English and a tiny subset of
Western European languages are the only ones that need adequate
representation on the net.

What would be better is to move forward in the simplest fashion,
instead of remaining rooted in the status quo under the veil of


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