AW: [Oberon] Bluebottle Crazy 2007-04-03 on HP Pavilion 6360

Easthope peasthope at
Sun Jun 3 21:33:11 MEST 2007


Thanks for the detailed reply.

ss> ... interface defined in AosSerials.Mod directly 
(and correctly). I can do that ...

Thanks.  Certainly I am not qualified.  FWIIW a 
PS2 mouse works.  I'll try the serial mouse again 
in the next crazy.

ss> If you don't call this[AosDriverDatabase.Enable], 
you have to install USB device drivers manually, e.g. 
OK, I reverted Boot1 to the default in the Aos.Par 
issued in Crazy.  Still the Kingston KUSBDTII+/256 
is not recognized.  In fact Inspect > USBViewer 
reports "No USB host controller drivers installed".

1. A configuration string in Aos.Par, too long for 
the width of many viewers is bad practice.  Boot1
is an example.  A limit of about 80 characters seems

2. Section "2.2.3 Additional drivers" in AosSetup.Text 
covers the mouse and keyboard nicely but USB is 
neglected.  No offense to Andre.  Please update.

3. The Flags demo is a colorful picture but boring 
movie.  Can you find something with a plot?  Can you 
get permission to use "Introducing the book"?

Thanks,        ... Peter E.

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