AW: [Oberon] Bluebottle Crazy 2007-04-03 on HP Pavilion 6360

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Sun Jun 3 17:25:34 MEST 2007

>AosDriverDatabase.Enable is new to me.  How essential is it? 
Not essential. It loads the driver database (AosDriverDatabase.XML) into memory and binds it-self to the driver lookup interface (AosUsbDriverLoader.Mod). Currenlty, it is only used by the USB driver to automatically find and load device drivers for attached devices.
If you don't call this, you have to install USB device drivers manually, e.g. AosUsbStorage.Install. 
> Is any new problem with a serial port or mouse known?
A while ago, an abstract interface for serial ports has been defined (AosSerials.Mod). Serial port clients are supposed to use this new interface instead of accessing the serial port driver (AosV24.Mod) directly. Aos.V24.Mod which is used by AosMouseSerial.Mod has been adapted, but it looks like the adaption introduced a new problem...

The trap makes sense: V24.Stop tries to access a port object (ports[portNo].Close()). But since you didn't install the serial port driver (using AosV24.Install), there are certainly no serial port objects, so 
ports[portNo] is NIL and  the call ports[portNo].Close() causes the TRAP 14.

If think this happens because Aos.V24.NumberOfPorts returns the maximum supported number of ports (not number of ports available as before). This has changed since the introduction of AosSerials.Mod, because AosSerials.Mod not only uses consequent port numbers (port 1-8 are reserved for onboard COM ports, the removal of hot plugged devices can leave "holes" in port numbering).

We need to prevent AosMouseSerial from accessing non-existing port objects. This can be done by making AosMouseSerial using the interface defined in AosSerials.Mod directly (and correctly). I can do that when a have some time, which will be in about a week. If someone other does it before, please let me know.

Sven Stauber


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Hello Folk,

Crazy 2007-04-03 almost works on an HP
Pavilion 6360.  It opens the Oberon task
and shows a trap. 
Trap -->  Desktops.OpenDoc ~
Trace -->  Desktops.OpenDoc ~
Sorry for the poor image quality.  The trap
[1] TRAP -14 PL 3 Aos 3.4.07
V24.Stop pc=183

AosDriverDatabase.Enable is new to me.  How
essential is it? Is any new problem with a
serial port or mouse known?  This is my config.

Partitions.SetConfig IDE0#03
  BootVol1="AOS AosFS IDE0#3"
  BootVol2="SYS AosFS IDE0#2"
  BootVol3="MY AosFS IDE1#3"
  AosFS="AosDiskVolumes.New AosDiskFS.NewFS"
  BootSystem="AosDisplayWM.Install Oberon 900x700;System.Init Oberon"

Thanks,          ... Peter E.

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