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Tue Jun 5 08:46:56 MEST 2007

AOS has already been ported to 64-bit Intel Architecture. At a (not yet known) time, it is likely to be released to the public. Note, however, that supporting multicore CPUs is a different story. We only have one AMD multicore CPU here, and that one doesn't boot with MaxProcs > 1. I'm not sure, whether it is just this particular machine that doesn't work, or AOS doesn't work on all AMD multicores (Has somebody a AMD multicore machine running AOS?).
New demos are desired! Can you post a link for download?
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Betreff: [Oberon] AMD 64 Port

Any word on this? The upcoming quadcore chips are tempting. Also, when
is the next crazy-fresh release planned? I will contribute a new demo
if this is desired. By the way, when I was learning how to distribute
work among multiple threads I looked at the code for the Mandelbrot
demo. Gosh. I couldn't follow it at all. Something about workunits.
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