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Dear Peter,
I'll put AosUsb.Text at a more "visible" location.
The USB host controller drivers use PCI class codes to identify the controllers. That should really work for any PCI USB host controller... Could you please post the output of AosPCITools.Scan? Also the contents of the kernel log after startup could help. Would be interesting to see why the drivers don't find the controllers.
AosPCITools.DetectHardware enumerates all PCI busses in the system and loads driver modules for PCI devices if available. The preferred way of using it is to make an entry in the Autostart section of AosConfig.XML (unless you need the device drivers already installed earlier, which is normally not the case).
If AosDriverDatabase.Mod is not yet loaded, calling this command will enable the driver lookup service (AosDriverDatabase.Enable) as side-effect.
That means that you can reduce Boot1 to "AosKeyboard;AosMousePS2" and call AosPCITools.DetectHardware somewhere.
Sven Stauber


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Sven & others,

AosUsb.Text is very useful ... but I found it only by
"accident".  Can you cite it in AosTools.Tool or
a more prominent location?

I checked that the USB controller is not disabled
in the system setup.  After executing AosPCITools.DetectHardware ~
and AosDriverDatabase.Enable ~ the USBViewer still
reports "No USB host controller drivers installed."
OK, I miss something which is obvious to others. 
Someone please give a hint.

With appropriate use of AosPCITools.DetectHardware
can the long Boot1 parameter in Aos.Par be

Thanks,         ... Peter E.

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