AW: [Oberon] USB usage

Easthope peasthope at
Thu Jun 7 18:41:22 MEST 2007


While I think of it, System Reboot in the menu 
has the same effect as System Shutdown.  Both 
leave a blue screen with a mouse arrow.  In 
Oberon / PC Native 05.01.2003 System.Reboot works.

> ... output of AosPCITools.Scan?

Call error: AosPCITools.Scan not found

But AOS:AosPCITools.Obj exists.  So a 
problem deeper than just USB exists.

> ... contents of the kernel log ...

Aos 3.4.07
AosATADisks: Scanning PCI bus for IDE & SATA class devices ...
AosATADisks: Found PCI device on bus 0, device 1, function 1
AosATADisks: Adding controller 01F0, 03F0, FCF0, IRQ: 14: IDE0..1,
Bus-master enabled, DMA not supported, Compact Flash

AosATADisks: Adding controller 0170, 0370, FCF8, IRQ: 15: IDE2..3,
Bus-master enabled
IDE0: 11497MB, LBA, ATA/ATAPI-4, Ultra DMA 2, QUANTUM Bigfoot
TX12.0AT, ver 4.17
IDE1: 497MB, LBA, CompactFlash, removable, no DMA, SAMSUNG CF/ATA
IDE2: ATAPI direct access device, removable (RMSN), no DMA, IOMEGA
IDE3: ATAPI cd-rom device, removable, MW DMA 2, CD-524EA-B
AosDiskVolumes: IDE0#3
AosDiskFS: 58996K of 119968K available on IDE0#3
AosDiskVolumes: IDE0#2
AosDiskFS: 84492K of 119968K available on IDE0#2
AosDiskVolumes: IDE1#3
AosDiskFS: 185100K of 302892K available on IDE1#3
{P0 AosDisplayLinear: GlobalSetCacheProperties = 1505}
AosDriverDatabase: Enabled driver lookup service.
{P0 AosUsb: USB driver loaded.}
AosUsb: Driver UsbHub (USB Hub Driver) has been added.
AosUsbOhci: Busmastering is disabled.
AosUsb: Driver UsbStorage (USB Mass Storage Driver) has been added.
Default font installedOpenType 0.45 BBPort /3.12.2004  eos, pl
WindowManager: Manager.New finished
WindowManager: Disp.format =     2
{P0 Bottom up...New background-->Mouse Cursor-->NIL
{P0 ETH Oberon / Aos 3.4.07}

Regards,        ... Peter E.

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